simchat bat


The birth of a daughter is a wonderful event and should be celebrated as much as that of a son. I encourage new parents to contact their Rabbi to discuss celebrating the welcoming of their daughter into the Jewish community. This is often done with a naming on Shabbat, when many from the community will be present to join in celebrating this simcha. Baby girls do not need any surgical procedure to take their part in the Covenant the Jewish people have with G-d.

If circumstances prevent you from bringing your daughter to a synagogue or other community religious service for her naming, a modern Jewish practice allows baby girls to receive their Hebrew names during a special ceremony called the Simchat Bat. I am able to perform a Simchat Bat ceremony with a baby naming if requested. This is most often done when there are fraternal twins or in cases where an older sibling has not yet had their naming. With their Hebrew names baby girls assume their places as valid and equal members of the Jewish community.